Domestic violence affects 1 in 4 women in Germany. That is a shocking number, especially for one of the world's most progressive societies.
Unfortunately, people don't pay much attention to statistics. So we decided to raise awareness for this problem in a way that everyone could relate to. With a little help from a Berlin icon: the photo booth.
We created a special photo booth and customized it with facial recognition software, so it could recognize when a woman was about to take a picture and automatically apply bruises to one of the four photos - thus clearly illustrating the one-in-four statistics.


My Role Creative, Art Director
Agency DDB Berlin
Client Terre des Femmes

The team
CCO: Myles Lord
ECD: Gabriel Mattar
CD: Ricardo Wolff
Copywriter: Pedro Lourenço
Account Managers: Andrea Razeto, Larissa Braun, Ben Maaß-Stalp, Tim Jüngling, Sanja Colli
Producer: Susi Schneider
DOP: Zhong To
Production Company: Polyxo Studios